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Wolfe creates a complete line of pickleball equipment. Top of the line pickleball paddles tested and certified by the United States of America Pickleball Association and approved for tournament play. Research, testing, and development keep the Wolfe Pickleball paddles at the forefront of your game.

Rewarding government and military for their service, FedSave provides discounts exclusively for Government Employees and Military. They help companies to reach and reward state and federal government as well as military, whether retired or active.

Live Healthy - Live Happy. They strive to find the most extraordinary health, home and fitness products. Everyone has limited time to research the latest products so they have taken on the task of locating the best products that have come to market and educating us all on how they work.

Blu Kicks shoes. Not just a pretty shoe, these kicks give back. They love to raise awareness of endangered environments and habitats. Their designs are inspired by nature and with every pair of shoes they sell they donate to help protect oceans, lakes and rivers around the globe. They annually donate 1% of their revenue to a number of great organizations.

Guard Troop
Guard Troop is your partner to increase your Sales and build your Brand. Guard Troop was founded by an e-commerce expert and attorney to help guide brands with their online sales, protect their brands, and build the value of their products, brands and company.

Ricochet Consulting
We provide Advisory services for building Brands, accelerating sales and revenue, customer acquisition, and online retail. Whether you need competitive research, a business strategy, specific plans or actual execution, contact us to learn how we can help.


We Accelerate Online Business

Accelerate your revenue, build your brand and increase your online retail presence with our advisory services. Partner with us for growth.

Brian Longest, founder, has extensive experience involved in online companies and startups for 20 years, raising millions in Venture Capital, and holding CEO, COO and other executive positions.

Brian is a programmer, an intellectual property attorney, and a founder of multiple online businesses. His unique skill set and experience provides clients and partners with exemplary digital strategy services.

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Ricochet Consulting Services

We provide Advisory services for building Brands, accelerating sales and revenue, customer acquisition, and online retail.

You can save substantial time and money from our experience and guidance. From a complete business strategy to competitive research, planning and execution, we will accelerate your growth.

We also advise established businesses, startups, boards and founders from inception through all phases of growth.

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Richard Brewer-Hay

Social Media & Communications Strategist
"We used Brian Longest for SEO optimization of the official corporate blog for eBay (eBay Ink Blog) around our first ever live blogging and coverage of eBay's analyst event earlier this year. We saw a dramatic increase in placement in search results and have found their initial foundation work to be invaluable for the blog's continued success. The work was exceptional and I highly recommend the firm for any SEO needs you may have. Will definitely partner with them again in the future."

Azeem Butt

Founder/CEO at Life Foods Inc.
"Brian is a seasoned startup professional who has amazing clarity in dealing with complex legal, operational and market acquisition issues. His ability to break down problems and bring the whole team together towards a resolution is an invaluable strength for any startup. While working with him at jangl his down to earth and level headed approach was a source of stability in a very fast paced environment."

John Balestrier

CEO at Vavel Game Studios, Inc.
"While working on an unprotected restructuring of a company, Brain was invaluable. He somehow managed to keep his and my head above water while we worked on managing 60 million in liabilities, 40 current cases of litigation and the negotiated termination of over 10 commercial real-estate leases. Brian is Amazing."

John Fernandez

VP of Finance at Kraken
"Brian has an excellent comprehension of both business operations and legal. Of considerable importance, Brian knows how to prioritize; as start-ups require one to wear many hats and battle many fires, he understands what assignments need to be addressed right now and what can be solved at a later time."

Marc Frochtzweig

VP of Product Marketing at
"Brian is a great strategist, a battle-tested entrepreneur, and knows how to effectively execute against strategy and lead a business to success. He understands, operates within, and can push forward any angle of a business from operations to legal to product to finance. "

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